Our Vision

In Northumbria we want to deliver an effective and efficient local criminal justice system. We want to provide the best support possible for victims, witnesses, defendants and their families. Together, we’ll work to bring offenders to justice and address the reasons for their offending. We aim to increase public confidence in the criminal justice system and support people to feel safe in their local communities.

Our Function

The criminal justice system is complex and involves a number of agencies, none of whom have sole responsibility for the whole system. Partnership working is therefore key to making a difference. It is the job of the LCJB to bring together key agencies who can work together to improve the whole system.

Welcome from Kim McGuinness

Police & Crime Commissioner for Northumbria and Chair of the Northumbria Criminal Justice Board

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness
" We fully recognise the need to work collaboratively to achieve the aims of the criminal justice system as a whole…. through a new vision for partnership working, I look forward to us collectively realising the benefits, in particular improving the experience for victims and witnesses in Northumbria. "